Retreats at Inner Guidance

The Inner Guidance Mini-Retreat

with Jo and Dominic De Rosa and the Inner Guidance team

Upcoming Retreats
  • 2nd Sep 2019 - 5th Sep 2019
  • 9th Sep 2019 - 12th Sep 2019
  • 14th Oct 2019 - 17th Oct 2019
  • 4th Nov 2019 - 7th Nov 2019
Monday to Wednesday/Thursday we are offering a 'Mini-Retreat' experience. Slightly less intense than the full-on weekend retreats these 2 and 3 night packages include:
  • En Suite Room
  • Meditations
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Breakfast
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Candlelit Gong Wash
  • Afternoon Cream Tea
  • Two Course Dinner
Should you wish to, you can add on treatments from our amazing therapists at £67...

The Inner Guidance Weekend Mini-Retreat

with Jo and Dominic De Rosa and the Inner Guidance team

Upcoming Retreats
  • 2nd Sep 2019 - 5th Sep 2019
  • 9th Sep 2019 - 12th Sep 2019
  • 14th Oct 2019 - 17th Oct 2019
  • 4th Nov 2019 - 7th Nov 2019
EXCLUSIVELY, Friday to Sunday we are offering a ‘Mini-Retreat’ experience. This will only be available a few times a year, offering those of you that are free at the weekends a taste of the Inner Guidance experience. This 2 night fully inclusive package includes:
  • En suite room
  • Morning meditation
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Full healthy breakfast
  • Kundalini Yoga with Tommy
  • Hatha Yoga with Fiona
  • Candlelit Meditation and Gong Wash
  • Afternoon healthy cream tea
  • Dinner
Should you wish to, you can add on treatments from our amazing therapists.

Dynamic Yoga

with Lesley Chisick

Upcoming Retreats
  • 11th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019
The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a unique approach to Yoga Posture Practice, using movement as the most reliable way to cultivate the neuromuscular pathways of the body. Rather than emphasizing on what you can do (in terms of flexibility, alignment, strength or concentration) it concentrates on what you can FEEL.

Quantum Sobriety™

with Jo and Dominic De Rosa, and the Inner Guidance team

Upcoming Retreats
  • 26th Aug 2019 - 30th Aug 2019
  • 23rd Sep 2019 - 27th Sep 2019
  • 28th Oct 2019 - 1st Nov 2019
  • 18th Nov 2019 - 22nd Nov 2019
  • 30th Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020

Learn to create a reality as if you'd never been addicted

Are you struggling with an addiction that threatens to spiral out of control if you do not address the situation right now? Perhaps you are successfully holding down your job, keeping your family together and just about keeping on top of your health, but feel this balancing act is in danger of imploding? If booze or recreational drugs are starting to become a crutch that you are relying on to get through the day, then the Quantum Sobriety Retreat has been created for you.

Ask The Monk: Love And The Quantum

with Trinley, Jo and Dom

Upcoming Retreats
  • 1st Dec 2019 - 1st Dec 2019
Talk, lunch and cacao ceremony Jo and Dominic are delighted to announce that Trinley, a monk from Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland will be spending the day at Inner Guidance and giving a talk on Love and the Quantum. Saturday 4th June 10am to 4pm

Next Level Living Weekend

with Inner Guidance

Upcoming Retreats
  • 4th Oct 2019 - 6th Oct 2019
Transform Your Life In 48 Hours...

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat for Doctors

with Thuli Whitehouse

Upcoming Retreats
  • 27th Sep 2019 - 29th Sep 2019
We offer a creative and restful space for Doctors to take time out to unwind, relax and renew. Our primary aim is enabling an attitude of awareness and self care, something that as doctors we often neglect.

Alison Knox Retreat

with Alison Knox

Upcoming Retreats
  • 25th Nov 2019 - 27th Nov 2019

NEW! Kundalini One-Day Workshops

with Kwali Kumara

Upcoming Retreats
  • 30th Nov 2019 - 30th Nov 2019
  • 30th Nov 2019 - 30th Nov 2019
We are delighted to announce three one-day Saturday workshops in 2019 with Kwali Kumara, who will be sharing over ten years of Kundalini teaching experience with us at Inner Guidance. Come to one workshop or get a discount on all three...  

Find Freedom and Peace in your Positive Path

with Sarah Peel

Upcoming Retreats
  • 23rd Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019

The Goddess and the Green Man

with Maren Lander and Kwali Kumara

Upcoming Retreats
  • 19th Sep 2019 - 22nd Sep 2019
A Shamanic Kundalini Retreat of Divine Union On this Autumn Equinox weekend we are gathering to stand strong and united, so that we can STEP UP! We are being called in these turbulent times to follow our hearts and fully embody our unique gifts and talents. It is time to give thanks for all of our experiences and celebrate our abundant selves. During this 4 day Shamanic Journey we will work with female as well as masculine archetypes to discover parts of ourselves that have long been forgotten or suppressed. We will bring back those soul parts that have been fragmented so that we can become whole again. It is time to celebrate our beautiful differences and the magical mirrors that we are for each other. We will celebrate the feminine and the masculine, the moon and the sun, the shadow and the light, the yin and the yang .....

Relax & Renew

with Jaya and Marc

Upcoming Retreats
  • 1st Nov 2019 - 3rd Nov 2019
Jaya and Marc, aka Fork & Bindi, would like to invite you to join us for a luxurious and indulgent weekend of self care, recalibration and replenishment… just perfect after the action-packed summer months… and ahead of the Christmas mayhem. You could say it’s a detox ahead of the retox! It’s going to be super-chilled and restorative. We’d absolutely love to spend our time looking after you.

Explore The Elements

with Yoga Ros

Upcoming Retreats
  • 8th Nov 2019 - 10th Nov 2019
So I am guessing, like me, that you LOVE all things YOGA. On this specially designed Retreat, Explore the Elements (and links to the Chakra system) and be guided to observe the energetic shifts that take place during your practice. As well as my own passion for Yoga and Anatomy, I bring many years experience of the Pilates Method and of Somatic Movement Education to the studio sessions and really enjoy helping you to develop; whether that be with a helpful adjustment or by introducing you to a new variation of a movement. During the weekend the entire Retreat atmosphere really enhances your ability to discover and explore yourself through the practice and get to know some lovely people! A yoga retreat is only as good as its teacher and I knew what to expect. However I had forgotten the careful adjustments you give – both verbal and physical; I felt my practice deepen as the weekend progressed ... I left feeling inspiredHeather

Wellness Weekend Retreat

with Helen Pybus and Fiona Abbott

Upcoming Retreats
  • 5th Jun 2020 - 7th Jun 2020
Please see below more information regarding the two presenters of the retreat Helen and Fiona.